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Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy

Listening to Bach is a wonderful experience, but when you listen, what is really happening is that millions of neurons in various locations of your brain are waking up to help maks sense of what you are hearing.

'Active listening means being fully aware of what your hearing'

'Music exercises the ear and the brain'

Some children have difficulties with reading, writing or learning new information at school. This may be caused by a problem in the organisation and storage of sounds, words and sentences in the brain. When tested, these children's hearing may appear normal and very often there is no problem with speech. However, there may be a problem with processing language, which may be caused by frequent spells of poor hearing in early childhood as a result of glue ear or other infections.

Children learn to understand and to speak through listening to those around them talking. If a child has frequent ear infections before the age of three or four years old, their hearing may be impaired for long enough to cause problems with learning the basics of language. What is being heard may be distorted and their language store is likely to be incomplete and inaccurate. The organisation, and memory of these sounds in the brain is also likely to be distorted.

This language store, made up of tiny particles of sound, combine to provide the basis of future learning and language processing. It may take longer than usual to process a group of words or sentence. This delay causes difficulties for a child to keep up with the flow of information it receives. If information is processed incorrectly, it will be stored incorrectly. The child's ability to commit to memory and to retrieve information from memory will be affected. If the child is developmentally immature, these difficulties are compounded. Organisation of the brain is immature and the chance for accurate processing is further reduced. The Developmental Integration Technique will address overall developmental immaturity. Sound Therapy specifically addresses the auditory system.

Two forms of Sound Therapy are used alongside the reflex inhibition programme. One developed by Kjelt Johansen and the other based on the work of Alfred Tomatis. Treatment consists of listening to a series of specially recorded music, for 10-15 minutes, once each day for around 4 to 5 months. Sound Therapy does not offer a quick fix. Results take time. Other special needs help is extremely useful for the child while undergoing treatment.

Full audiometric testing is done at the Developmental Assessment and this will determine if the child requires sound therapy, and the programme which is the most suitable. Further assessments are done when necessary.

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