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What is DIT about?
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What is Developmental Integration?

DIT is a totally non-invasive way of identifying and treating the real issues that are causing the difficulties and problems.

Treatment protocols are designed to address the underlying cause, not simply to treat symptoms. Once the programme of treatment is completed – the benefits can be expected to remain for life.

Let’s start at the beginning – Developmental Immaturity – what is that ?

As we develop in the first few months of life, in the womb, our bodies are formed and the nervous system develops through several stages. If these stages are never fully finished, the child, and later the adult, will struggle to cope with an immature system.

How do we know it’s immature?

Because we can find ‘baby reflexes’ still present. Some of the reflexes we are looking at are those linked to the ‘sensory’ part of the brain and they would have been present up until the 12th week of development in utero. The later ‘primitive reflexes’ are much more to do with motor movement. Both sensory and motor reflexes should have inhibited (gone away) by the time the child is approximately 6 months of age.

If the reflexes are still present – they cause a myriad of symptoms from learning difficulties to co-ordination problems or just simply behavioural or emotional difficulties. See the symptoms list on the ‘is it for me’ page.

So the first part of our treatment protocol is a brushing programme designed to address any developmental immaturity that is present. Treatment is easy and very effective. Removing early reflexes and allowing adult responses to be present lays the foundations; bio-energetic kinesiologly, auditory stimulation, allergy treatments, Chirokinetics (CKT) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT),  can then help to fine tune intellectual, physical and emotional systems – allowing an individual to achieve maximum potential.

The brain is the ‘control centre’ - it’s connections within itself and to all parts of the body need to be accurate. Using bio-energetic programmes such as the Learning Enhancement Programme help to integrate left/right brain function and other critical areas within the brain. Brain/body balance and connection can be corrected at a physical and emotional level using the Neural Organisation Technique and other energy protocols. Correct assimilation of basic nutrition can also be addressed. .

Brushing is an astoundingly powerful treatment that can have very profound effects, but the addition of other integrated energy techniques, allow us to achieve even better and faster results.

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